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Ontario Artist Blacksmith
Blacksmith Courses in Ontario and Custom Ironwork.

 Ontario Custom 
Solid Wood Furniture

Artisan Woodworker Guy Roy Hand Crafts Stunning Heirloom Quality Furniture

Ontario Outdoors

The great outdoors! Ontario's finest offerings. How many of us go to a cottage in the summer or cross country ski the trails in winter? There is much to see from hidden water falls to ancient mountains. Frozen lakes where the loudest sound is the rush of the wind through the leafless branches. The same lakes in the summer are awash with laughter of children swimming, or the dip of an early morning paddle. Sport fisherman can enjoy amazing catches on remote lakes and rivers. One of our greatest assets as Ontarians is our out of doors!

Explore one of many Ontario Outfitters for more information in the remote regions of our province.

Majestic View from Bruce Trail Near Cyprus Lake, Ontario.
Snorkeling near Owen Sound This link gives you exact directions to an easy access shipwreck that is in shallow water that even novices can tackle with ease. Best late in the season for warmer water! 

Winter Survival Tips. Well winter has struck Ontario. Many of us will be travelling on the roads in less than ideal conditions. Whether it is commuting to work or a long trip for a getaway, a few supplies in your car may make a huge difference in both your comfort and in some cases probable survival.

Trout fishing is one of the most rewarding past times in the out doors. I am fortunate to live near one of the best trout rivers in Ontario. In a few minutes I can walk to a deep cool pool that the trout love. Fishing itself can be a most relaxing and enjoyable time even if you don't catch anything. But think of the fun if you do catch a lively trout. The fight and the exhilaration at bringing him in. The first glimpse of its size, and the feel of the weight on the end of your line. There is always an adrenaline rush when you catch one. If you want more tips on trout fishing Click Here!