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Blacksmith courses and custom work.

Cool Ontario Places

There are little known out of the way places that are gems for the finding.These are in no particular order and may change as I discover new ones. There may be some just around the courner from you.

Dundas Look Out, Spencer Falls, Dundas.
Panoramic view of Hamilton and Dundas from this point high a top the escarpment. Easy hike from the road to the look out, but if you choose to climb down to the valley floor it can be treacherous especially if it is wet!

The Grotto, Cyprus Lake Camp Ground.
The Grotto is located along the Bruce trail with 1/2 hour walk from Cyprus Lake Campground near Tobermory. The Trail is rocky near the end with a good bit of up and down. Follow park maps to this hidden secret. If you plan to arrive there about 5:00 pm during the summer months the pool becomes lit from below with the evening sun. Magical!

Algonquin Park In the Winter.
If you enjoy winter camping the solitude of snowshoeing into a remote campsite in Algonquin park in the winter can be thrilling. Often you get a show of northern lights for free.

Algoma Railway In the Fall.
Check out the fall colours on this spectacular rail trip.

The Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara on the Lake.
Niagara On The Lake boasts many intriguing spots. The Conservatory is best attended in the middle of winter on a bright sunny day. The butterflys will be active and it is much like a mini vacation to the tropics. Take a camera for those once in a life time shots of a butterfly on someone's head.

Haliburton School of Art.
The school is located in Haliburton at several different locations around the town. The HSA is an affiliate with Fleming College and offers many diversified summer programs as well as semester long programs. The classes are taught by professionals in their feild with years of experience. Most summer programs are a week long and provide a perfect way to escape the summer boredom that sets in. Click on the link to see what courses are offered this year. If you like to learn about different arts and crafts or advance your skills in a particular area this is the place to start. Courses range from Blacksmithing to Photography, Glass Blowing to Pottery, Painting to Jewelry and much more.

The White Rose Internet Cafe.
The White Rose is a new cafe opened in Walkerton. It is quaint spot with very good food and coffee of many types and flavors. It has a relaxing homey living room atmosphere, with many diversions such as chess or an ecclectic selection of books.

The Leslieville Cheese Market
891 Queen St E Toronto, On 416-465-7143

A charming shop where all the very personable staff knows Cheese like no one you’ve met before. They’ve also got a wide variety of gourmet food products and have just introduced frozen entrees. While the food isn’t cheap, it is high quality. Their cheese platters are actually worth the price of a cheese platter rather than being a bunch of cubed cheddar – and you pretty much pay the price of the cheese. The coolest innovation are their evening classes for Cheese Lovers The classes, on the other hand are a steal.


Mercury Organic Espresso Bar
915 Queen St E. Toronto, On 647-435-4779

With the plethora of coffee bars in Toronto, it is hard to imagine how any can survive the Starbucks machine. The Mercury, however, does so with very little effort. A tiny place with a bright orange outside is worth the extra block. Shortly after it opened a Starbucks opened a block away…there are at least 5 "coffee shops" of various styles in about a 3-block radius, and the Mercury’s business is still steady. Why? Well, the coffee is GREAT, their small offering of baked goods are UNBELIEVABLE, they are very GREEN AWARE, the staff is AMAZING…and really, what could be better than crazy goats, rock ‘n roll and coffee?


Cajun Corner
920 Queen St E Toronto, On 416-703-4477
Cajun Corner is HOT. From the sauces, to the amazing Cajun foods to the crazy Zydeco music, it is like Mardi Gras in a box. They have everything Louisiana/New Orleans, from Art to Food to Mardi Gras Supplies (including a great array of masks) to Zydeco. If you can’t get away, make your own Mardi Gras!

Dangerous Dan’s Diner
714 Queen St E Toronto, On 416-463-7310

Where’s the beef? Right here! A meat lovers paradise, these burgers aren’t just big, they’re also REALLY good! And so is everything else on the menu. The staff is friendly, and even though the ’hood can be a bit iffy, they’ll protect you so don’t be afraid. If you aren’t a meat lover, they do have tree hugger burgers, good salads, or great big plates of great poutine that are definitely worth the trip.